preliminary program

Conference Program:

3th September 2018

4th September 2018

(With simultaneous translation English / German)

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Keynote on uranium reclamation: Dr. Mann, Wismut GmbH: „Success factors in large scale mine remediation – The Wismut case“

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Mann (© Wismut GmbH)

  • Presentations of Wismut GmbH
  • Keynote on lignite mining reclamation: Dirk Sonnen, LMBV mbH: „Rechtliche und organisatorische Aspekte der Braunkohlesanierung – Legal and organizational aspects of lignite mining remediation

Dirk Sonnen (©LMBV mbH)

  • Parallel Sessions
  • Barbecue

5th September 2018

  • Mid-Conference Excursions

6th September 2018

  • Keynote: Prof. Cramer

Oberberghauptmann Prof. Dr. Bernhard Cramer            (© Sächsisches Oberbergamt)

  • Keynote: Dr. Friedrich von Bismarck

Dr. Friedrich von Bismarck (© Schippel)

  • Parallel Sessions
  • Poster, Pitch and Presentations
  • Conference Dinner (Auerbachs Keller)

7th September 2018

  • Keynotes: Mrs. Dr. Carolyn Jewell, HeidelbergCement: Integrating biodiversity into after-use planning – case study from the Cement sector“ 

Dr. Carolyn Jewell

  • Keynote: Mrs. Claire Linklater, SRK Consulting: The importance of geochemistry in closure design: A case study for a site in Laos“

Dr. Claire Linklater

  • Keynote from EIT-Raw Materials: Closed mines – resource of the future?
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Poster, Pitch and Presentations
  • Summary and Closing Ceremony
  • Farewell